5 ideas about coffee?

  1. The espresso contains more caffeine than coffee 'classic'. FALSE. It is generally thought that because it is darker and thicker, espresso is richer in caffeine. But it's the opposite. The lighter and longer the coffee, the more caffeine it is. If you want to limit your caffeine consumption, it is better to opt for a small black tight than for an elongated coffee diluted in a large mug!
  2. Do not drink coffee after 5 pm TRUE AND FALSE. The impact of caffeine on sleep has never been demonstrated but many factors must be taken into account. Be that as it may, the quality of the night of a regular after a coffee will be less affected than that of a casual coffee drinker.
  3. Caffeine makes addicts. FALSE. This is one of the most popular misconceptions. Yet, it's more false than true. Indeed, scientists have not shown any lack syndrome.
  4. Coffee helps fight migraine. TRUE. Drinking coffee in moderation can reduce the intensity and duration of migraines thanks to the analgesic properties of caffeine. Caution, however, excessive coffee consumption may have the opposite action and cause migraines.
  5. The coffee is diuretic. FALSE ... if you respect the recommended amount of cup per day. Indeed, we will not be bothered by the diuretic properties of coffee if we do not exceed the recommended amount of cup .

You should also know that caffeine is not only present in coffee but also in tea, chocolate, some sodas and energy drinks ...

What machine for a perfect coffee?

Our favorite for a tasty coffee ? If the nseo® original, iconic brand machine reissued to mark its 15th anniversary. The opportunity to find the clean and original design of the machine ... which has 3 new cannons :

  • the aroma booster : a system that allows a better distribution of water
  • the intensity selector : to choose the type of coffee. Ideal for families, roommates ... and those who like to vary in intensity throughout the day.
  • Crema Plus : a technology that will delight lovers of foam by allowing to get a nice layer of cream on his drink.