During an effort, the body has two ways to provide energy to the muscles: aerobic and anaerobic. The latter comes during a particularly intense physical effort that can be compared to a sprint. This is called a resistance effort.

In this case, there is energy production without any oxygen supply. The energy is then made by carbohydrates, which are then metabolized to lactic acid. In other words, the body then burns sugars and not lipids.

How to practice anaerobics?

The anaerobic exercise only lasts a few minutes (between 2 and 5 minutes). Indeed, the body quickly produces waste, such as lactic acid, which makes lipid metabolism particularly difficult. For better performance, you have to train very regularly over short periods.

Anaerobic requires a certain physical condition. There is no question of embarking if you are not athletic or if you have not done physical exercise for months. On the contrary, we must set up a training program that corresponds to our body and our needs. For this, the advice of a coach or a sports doctor is not only useful but essential.