New object of predilection of the creators, the studious shirt is, for a few seasons, subject to many experiments. Oversize , his sleeves are willingly too long, its asymmetrical sides and sleeves sometimes reveal mismatched.  

But more than the garment itself, it is the way of approaching it that has substantially mutated. Ostensibly disheveled, coming out of both sides of the pants: on Instagram , the shirt is unbuttoned to the point of suggesting the borders of his bralette or to be able to turn it into top bardot. On the twists, it transforms it defeated to make it better, all immortalized in a pose little room for spontaneity.

Last reflex of the aficionados of the stylist hashtagué ? Wear your shirt, unbuttoned upside down, to make a suggestive backless. Unveiling the right amount of skin, clothing is more than ever a subtle instrument of seduction.

Others, with a more cerebral tilt, opt for a more conceptual formula that only reveals the lower back, creating graphical visual effects that could potentially be desirable.

Tucked mainly in the summer season by young women with an attractive figure and surrealist professions, these shirts of a new kind, however, pose questions, at least to those who scroll the Instagram accounts of the aforementioned people.

Indeed, excluding seaside getaway, it is difficult to slip our shirt upside down, button only the first (or last!) Buttons and chain on a session of intense meetings. The more adventurous can dare the soft version of creating a backless to the bra, a deeper dorsal neck leaving the strange sensation of being naked, especially when the wind rushes into this blouse improvised. Finally - last point - wearing your shirt this way is also exposing yourself to the teasing remarks of the mocking spouse or skeptical buddies whose " hey , you know you put your shirt upside down" can quickly overcome our desires for stylistic singularity.