Miraculous, visionary ... Leonor Greyl's palm oil and his irresistible "beach style" have everything to conquer women's hearts. But in addition to keeping its promise of efficiency, this cult product is committed to respecting the environment. What could be better ?

The idea of ​​genius

In 1970, the formula of Leonor Greyl's palm oil was squarely in the concept. Natural composition, respect for nature and biodiversity: so many concepts far from being unanimously accepted at a time when cosmeto and petrochemistry often went together ...

Today the 100% organic stamped oil comes from an eco-managed Colombian plantation, it has always been harvested in palm groves faithful to the ecological philosophy of Leonor Greyl. And that's precious.

The recipe for success

Palm, jojoba and sunflower ... Saturated in fatty acids and vitamin E , this oil is the best ally of our hair. Not only does its softening and regenerating virtues save the dried fibers of summer aggression, but its "shield" power also helps preserve them. By forming an insulating film, palm oil keeps UV, chlorine and salt water at a distance, and it is unstoppable.

But can we tell palm oil without mentioning its scent? Held secret and yet identifiable among a thousand, he speaks of holidays, skin and warmth. We never tire of its revitalizing connotation that smells sweetness and lightness. ; and our hair either.

Fabulous in SOS care before-shampoo , palm oil also has other assets. Before the beach, she plays bodyguards all day long. It is applied on the lengths and then combs the whole of the hair.

As she textures the fiber, she facilitates the hairstyles "minute" most fashion. Then, for the evenings of great occasions, we crease our hair with our slightly "oiled" hands. Glossy effect guaranteed.