Infested by pests? You are given three golden rules to permanently eliminate the mites without getting intoxicated .

Rule # 1: Identify the enemy

Who are these abominable insects ? Before facing them, know that they are small butterflies that live in trees, especially in linden trees, and lay in our homes. In the family of mites, we find especially the moths, whose larvae feed on textile fibers, and the moths, which are fond of dry foods.

Rule n ° 2: Equip yourself well

Suspected among others of being carcinogenic, mothballs, known to effectively eradicate pests, has disappeared from our businesses. We do not admit defeat! The natural arsenal is super efficient . We equip ourselves with household vinegar (with fruits of wood, € 3.60, and neem oil (2 cl for 1 liter of water, in a sprayer) for the cleaning and to prevent the recurrences, especially on the clothing side, we put on the red cedar: hangers to sand every 2 months for more efficiency (2,95 €,, hanging pads (6,65 € the 2, ... Normally, that should be enough!

Rule n ° 3: make a clean sweep

However, the great cleaning is essential! We throw the contaminated packages, we take out all the cupboards, cupboard as dressing room. We aspire: the interior and the clothes . Washing : clothes (moths love the smell of perspiration), cupboards, nooks, corners, vinegar and as long as they are empty, they are sprayed with neem oil water. Let it dry. We store rice, flour, seeds ... in hermetic jars ( We air and whew! We breathe.