With a straightener not wide, it is possible to achieve beautiful loops. That's what Emilie Rondeau, ghd expert tells us. To curl our hair, just have a little length (enough to perform a 360 ° turn with the iron) and a little dexterity. The tip of the expert: train first on a volunteer girlfriend.

Before you buckle, protect your hair

For starters, Emilie Rondeau recommends applying a special thermo-protective spray on dry hair. This one will make it possible to protect the hair from the heat of the iron to smooth, but also to dress the hair to favor the holding of the loops. Even on fine hair , this technique guarantees a good hold!

With its straightener, it comes to clear wicks of about 2 cm thick. The straightener is placed at the level of the root and is rotated 360 °, before sliding slowly towards the tip of the wick, a bit like a ribbon of bolduc that we want to buckle. The gesture should be done without loosening the iron when slipping on the lengths.

The gesture is repeated on the whole of the hair - the back of the head being the most complicated. Do not forget the neck! For this, Emilie Rondeau advises to proceed in stages, starting with the locks below, because it is easier to reserve - with the help of pliers - the locks of the top.

The tip of pro for loops "as natural"

When all the hair has been curled, the loops are allowed to cool.

Then we go to styling. To avoid a too defined or stilted look, we give a natural effect to his blow dry . For that, Emilie Rondeau simply passes the hand in the loops (better avoid the brush which will give them a too vaporous effect). The crumpled rendering is much more current than the ultra-glamorous curls - and an outdated strand - that you get when you remove the straightener. A small pschitt of lacquer, keeping light hand, and voila!