Are you fed up with overflowing baskets and clothes that do not come out of the machine? We give you our solutions to no longer take the lead.

Sort the laundry, is it really useful?

Yes, it's even essential. Better: the pros recommend 2 sorts (even when one is not maniac): first white / black / colors, and also, dirty / very dirty. Underwear, layette and sportswear deserve for example a specific treatment including a cycle at 40 ° C especially to ensure a disinfecting action.

If we stuff, wash it anyway?

Not really ... If the drum has to be well filled to be well trained, the linen on the other hand does not have to be packed: the water must be able to pass everywhere. And for a better brewing, it is better to load laundry of different sizes .

What about the softener?

Not necessarily. The softener is especially useful for perfuming linen . It also protects the fibers by coating them and accelerates drying. It can be reserved for fragile textiles, wool type ... But needless to add systematically!

30 ° C is it enough to remove stains?

Yes, for everyday dirt. But not to eliminate the most resistant stains ... These can disappear at the moment and reappear at the next wash if they have not been properly extracted from the fiber. The solution ? Prewash effective laundry from 30 ° C (Green Tree, Ariel ...) optional stain remover (K2R stains, etc.). To know: on certain types of stains, natural products work well too (white vinegar, bicarbonate ...).

Thanks to Pascale Florant, head of the French Committee for Textile Care Labeling (COFREET).