Having a pet is a source of happiness. But it's clear that they love being pampered and playing with them. As a result, it is sometimes difficult to get away from time to go to occupations that require a little calm, such as the sport at home, in general, and especially yoga. But who said animals were not sporty?

Felix and Edgar help us keep the line

In France, there would be no less than 63 million pets and 1 home out of 2 would welcome at least 1 animal. It is therefore hardly saying that our four-legged friends are an integral part of our daily lives. Daily in which one tries, as best as possible, to reconcile work, love, leisure ... From now on, one is not any more obliged to share his time between the sport and the relaxation with his animal. The new fad of Internet users is indeed to share their workout with their pet.

Chat version:

Dog version:

Of course, if yoga is particularly suitable for physical practice with an animal, do not forget the traditional jogging, always pleasant and stimulating when it is delivered with his dog.

Dog, cat, rabbit and goat ...

The trend is such that dogs and cats are not the only ones to receive the favors of the sportsmen.

Goats are real stars of yoga:

What to be tempted, no?