Five insider haunts to travel to Tel Aviv:

  • Ima

When a Cream alumni and the co-founder of The Sunken Chip team up, it gives Ima, a vegetarian coffee shop on the edge of the Saint-Martin canal. From 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, you can enjoy oriental-style salads and healthy foods, a breakfast like this, and sublime pastries, such as the tahini-chocolate cookie dipped in its white flat. (coffee and steam milk).

39, quai de Valmy, 10th, 01 40 36 41 37.

  • Salatim

Welcome to the new hideout of Yariv Berreby, formerly of Kitchen Gallery Bis. We sit at these bistro tables to chain the fresh salads of the day, served in ceramics we would like to slip into his bag. For the hungry, schnitzels, keftas and pita breads to soak in a homemade hummus, and every Sunday, a masterly vegetarian chakchouka for the day after party.

15, rue des Jeûneurs, 2nd, 01 42 36 30 03.

  • Tavline

Located at a cordon of the Rue des Rosiers, Kobi Villot-Malka's address recalls the vibrant and multicultural atmosphere of the Telavivian markets. Bright walls, open kitchen and Prouvé chairs ... Tavline ("spices", in Hebrew) has everything from cool and contemporary space. On the menu, the legendary fatouche salad and roasted cauliflower, but also the ktsitsot daguim, fish balls with yoghurt and candied lemon.

25, rue du Roide- Sicily, 4th, 09 86 55 65 65.

  • Mulko

Zellige counter, brick walls and velvet banquettes ... Mulko has, despite its pocket size, everything to hold us for a few hours. On the plate, a meorav, grilled chicken served with its offal on rice and seized vegetables, but also a lamb chawarma or a jubilant frayed veal served in a pita bread.

29, rue d'Enghien, 10th, 09 50 94 56 10.

  • Balagan Paris

Opened this summer, the new spot of the Experimental Group combines worldly and gastronomic demand. At the helm, Assaf Granit, who was known as much for his Israeli show as for London restaurants impossible to book. Two atmospheres here, orchestrated by Dorothée Meilichzon, with an art deco cantina where to share pan-oriental wonders, coupled with an intimate and cozy bar hidden behind a thick red curtain. One of the biggest culinary successes of the year, and rightly so.

9, rue d'Alger, 1er, 01 40 20 72 14.