Faced with the behemoths of perfumery, small brands are created and offer intimate and innovative scents. What offer alternatives to women who dream of new fragrances. Focus on four new names and their products that have not finished talking about them.

1/4 Art Meets Art, musical essences
Art Meets Art, musical essences

Ali Kashani mixes his experience of perfume (L'Oreal, Unilever) and advertising with what he loves above all else: music and pop culture. The scents inspired by cult songs are composed by great perfumers (Alberto Morillas, Christophe Raynaud, Fabrice Pellegrin, Frank Voelkl).

Like A Virgin is bursting with tender musks. Besame Mucho, chic and carnal, combines leather and iris. Lilac Wine is as romantic and nostalgic as Jeff Buckley's ballad between liquorice and candied fruit. Sexual Heelings as loving as a music by Marvin Gaye with its accents of honey and spicy tobacco.

75 € the 50 ml at the Scent Room Printemps Haussmann

2/4 Ella K, olfactory trips
Ella K, olfactory trips

Sonia Constant, creator of subtle fragrances for Narciso Rodriguez, Valentino or Tom Ford, launches her own perfumes. This ode to travel, sincere because lived and sewn "of ingredients that touch the soul", tells seven ephemeral moments shared with his lover, expert in olfactory raw materials.

Poem of Sagano is so striking of freshness with its explosion of citrus, tea matcha and shiso leaf. Kiss of Florence, associating incense, iris and vanilla, asserts itself at the same time mineral, powdered and discreetly sweet. As for Epupa Mon Amour, it tells Namibia with vetiver, smoked guaiac wood and sandalwood.

From 185 € the 70 ml at the Bon Marché

3/4 Floraïku, poetry effluvia
Floraïku, poetic fragrances

Inspired by the Orient and the poetry of haikus, this luxurious brand has scents composed by two perfumers, Aliénor Massenet and Sophie Labbé.

Three fragrances illustrate enigmatic flowers, three others are born of spices and teas, and the last three celebrate the incense like this My Love Has The Color Of The Night, nourished with guaiac, vetiver and patchouli. Rich idea, two fragrances are also designed to personalize these wakes: of a vaporization, Nap on the Roof refreshes them, while Between Two Trees gives them more power.

255 € the box (50 ml bottle, 10 ml refill and bag spray) on floraiku.com

4/4 Escentric Molecules, chemical juices
Escentric Molecules, chemical juices

After ten years working in the perfume industry, German Geza Schoen has created his home, provocative and modern.

The idea: to launch two types of perfumes. One, radical, composed of a single molecule. The other, with this same molecule in abundance but escorted by other raw materials.

Four duets are available. Molecule 1, his best-seller, ode to the Iso E Super, has cedar wood accents, is forgotten by the person who wears but is carnal and attractive to the entourage. To feel too, Escentric 02, based on ambroxan - evoking ambergris - carried by incense.

120 € the 100 ml at the Scent Room Printemps Haussmann in Paris

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