Made in a hurry the day after party, it gives a look "loose" while remaining elegant. The crumpled bun can be described as charming and ultra-feminine. The neck and shoulders are clear and it has the advantage of being simple enough to achieve: everything is in the texturing of the hair. To adopt without hesitation to have a chic but natural style.

With Olivier Lebrun, hairdresser-creative consultant Garnier Fructis

Illustrations √člodie,

How to make a crumpled bun?

We start the work of the material on our hair that has been predried. The idea is to create "lived" by creasing the locks with a foam or a spray seawater effect, or a wax if we want to give a brilliant effect to our hairstyle.

Depending on the texture we want to give our hair, we finish, or not, to dry our hair. Above all, we do not succumb to the temptation of brushing , otherwise the realization of a bun blur will be much more complicated or impossible.

Our lengths must be unraveled imperatively fingers, not to give a structured effect. We gather our locks in ponytail more or less low. To determine the ideal height just look in profile in a mirror, because all the heights do not go to everyone.

Then we twist and then coarse the ponytail around the elastic, it is stuck in it, otherwise for better holding it fixed with two pins. To finish we crumple the bun with the palms, then we pass the fingers on the skull to draw furrows.

In no time the rendering will live up to our expectations with a style "hairstyle-disheveled" timeless.