Big brands, attractive prices ... Buying used appliances resold by pros , on paper, it's rather win-win. But in reality ? Concern about the guarantee, doubts about the quality ... The occasion sometimes makes us brake both feet. We help you to see more clearly and you are given 3 reasons to buy the (almost) closed eyes.

Reason 1: for the price

Dishwasher, washing machine and refrigerator are sold second hand between 30 and 70% cheaper than the same new products. In addition, by opting for the opportunity, there is no risk of acquiring a device with a hidden manufacturing defect (since it has already worked for its previous owner).

Reason 2: for the guarantee

Resellers have a warranty obligation of 6 months minimum , but some offers it up to 1 year, like Cash Converters ( or more. The Envie network ( sells products guaranteed 3 years parts and labor. Sites like or the Envie network work with pros who repackage products and test them to be sure they are 100% functional. Before putting them back on sale.

Reason 3: for the life time

The estimated service life of household appliances is 9 years *. However, 80% of used products are between 2 and 4 years old . The calculation is quick: a second-hand device still has some beautiful years of use in front of him! (* according to 60 million)